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GTEQ understands that it is the investment in and integration of emerging technologies that is keeping those dominant in this highly competitive global market, ahead of the pack.


In a professional industry where communication between clients and associates and the tracking of costs is as paramount as the effortless and elegant transmission of your brand, we offer services designed to not only boost connectivity, visibility and back-up recovery but fortify data and information security.


As consumers become more tech savvy upgrading to emergent technologies has become less of a risk and more of a necessity. At Vapour we pride ourselves on being able to rapidly garner an intimate understanding of your business needs and ensure that the transition towards state-of-the-art telecom technologies is a streamlined and exciting process.

Gteq will make your telecoms and IT about you!
We are not just a price list!

Contact one of our team to discuss how we can help improve your business communications.


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Neil Edwards