Vedra AIR

For many of us, one of our daily activities involves signing in to a Wi-Fi service.


Given that the majority of us are active on our smartphones or tablets, documenting our leisure time on social media, this might also involve accessing Wi-Fi in the restaurant, bar, club, hotel and most certainly airport and shopping malls. The typical log-in process includes giving up a personal email address or letting everyone know where you are through Facebook check-in, or you have to ask for a password, which can be frustrating. What if there was a way to sign in that is actually an enjoyable and informative, content-led experience? One that doesn’t require a password and is less time-consuming? Welcome to Vedra AIR, swipe to connect!


Key Benefits This Will Have On Your Business

1.Bulletproof, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi boxes.

2. No email/data/password required to access free Wi-Fi in your establishment.

3. Increase your revenue by partnering with third party advertisers.

4. Promoting your in-house events and offers also with associated group venues.

5. Engaging with your customers straight to their phones or devices and owning/building your community.

6. Real-time user recognition and content personalisation on your WiFi splash page if used in conjunction with the main Vedra AI system.

What about the Data?


As part of the Vedra product suite, Vedra AIR carries Vedra tracking and personalisation technology. This opens up exciting new possibilities for communicating with your logged in customers. Ever wanted to know that the client who purchased a room in your hotel, some tickets to an event, and made a restaurant reservation is sitting by the pool in your venue right now? That’s now possible with Vedra AIR. The WiFi login system recognises users with past history on your online channels and can use that history to generate real-time user analytics and personalised content for that user in real-time.

Marketing – Content & Brand Sponsors


Vedra AIR is a marketing platform that helps businesses drive revenue through its existing free WiFi service. The flexible marketing tool allows operators to market directly to their customers as they access your WiFi. Using customised digital flyers, dynamically engage with your clientele while covering the cost of your existing WiFi. Include branded cards amongst your series of swipes offering brands/ sponsors a chance to purchase and not only are you giving your customers a better service, you are generating revenue. Bolt in Vedra, the system that allows you to recognise users and offer personalised content and you add an ability to collect information and data from every user. Turn your free WiFi service into an active part of making your business more successful or building your brand.


Using a hotel as an example, imagine making WiFi users aware of the Spa facilities, concierge services, in-house restaurants, poolside dining options or tours, through a selection of well-designed cards. If you are part of a larger global hotel group, promote alternative destinations for the next trip. The possibilities are many and varied, allowing you to deliver a marketing strategy in an innovative and engaging manner. It also means users can access Wi-Fi with limited fuss or action on their part. The product translates to any business; whether it’s a Stadium promoting special offers, VIP Options or events; or an airport promoting it’s partners, special promotions, services or airlines.

User Experience – Delight your Customers


Vedra AIR offers a unique sign-in process, where the client swipes past a series of cards to gain access to your WI-FI service. These cards can promote services, products, events, special offers or sponsored brands within your business. From a customer/ fan perspective, Vedra AIR eliminates the tedious signing in task, replacing it with a more interesting, informative and enjoyable swipe process that is less time consuming and much more engaging. From a business/ website perspective, this process gives you the chance to understand your client, and directly promote your services to them in an interesting and engaging manner. It also offers a chance to gain a unique insight into your users’ preferences, information that can be used to strategically interact with them when they return in future, offering them a more personal experience, increasing your conversion rates. The cards can be updated as regularly as you like, meaning you have a different option daily if needed. It means less action for your users, making it more convenient and, with total control of the card content, gives you the opportunity to promote your brand to an engaged audience while, at the same time up selling your products and services.